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  • Send Group Text Messages & Reminders

    Learn how stay in touch with your field staff using DataWinners. Send messages or reminders to all your contacts, or selected individuals or groups. Set up Reply SMS for your Questionnaire. Send messages only to those Data Senders who have missed a deadline.

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  • Create Questionnaires

    See how easy it is to create a Questionnaire in DataWinners. Use a template from our Template Library. Copy an existing questionnaire. Create Advanced Questionnaires with XLSForms. Collect media files (images, sound, videos, signatures) in your questionnaires.

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  • Collect Data

    Collect Data - Smartphone, SMS, Web

    Learn how to collect data using any combination of text message, smartphone, tablet, and Web. Install the DataWinners smartphone app. Get your questionnaires and start collecting data.

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  • Analyze Data

    Learn how to edit, analyze, and export the data you’ve received from your Data Sender with DataWinners. View your Data Senders and Identification Numbers on a map. Delete or modify submissions made in error.

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  • Manage Contacts & Data Senders

    Register your Data Senders and give them permission to submit data. Learn how to import your Contacts in bulk. Customize your success and error messages.

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  • Manage Identification Numbers

    Use Identification Numbers to collect data about unique people, places, things or events. Learn how to register your Identification Numbers. Create a Questionnaire with an Identification Number. Register Identification numbers one at a time, or by importing a list in bulk.

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  • Administer Your Account

    Learn how to give Users access to your account. Add and manage users. Reset or recover passwords. Use the activity log to monitor your account and user activities.

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  • Satisfy The Techies

    Submission Feed & Send SMS with DataWinners API

    Answers to technical questions about the DataWinners system, the API, technology stack, and integration with other technologies.

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