Learn how to give Users access to your account. Add and manage users. Reset or recover passwords. Use the activity log to monitor your account and user activities.

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Account Administration

Once the sign up process is done, you should receive an email from DataWinners asking you to activate your account. Click on Activate your account link and you can start your trial.

Simply click the “upgrade” button on the dashboard and fill out the requested information.

Go Pro

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The “Upgrade” button is no longer present in your Dashboard page and you received the upgrade confirmation email.

To reset password, go to app.datawinners.com.

If you are signed in, click the link to Sign out.

  1. Click on the link Sign in
  2. Click on the link Reset password
  3. Enter your email address, the one you use as a login
  4. Then select Get password
  5. You will receive an email from DataWinners
  6. Please follow the steps in the email.

Try changing your password on the account.

Go to https://app.datawinners.com/login/ and then click on Reset Password. Then in the email box, enter your email address. You should then receive an email that will let you set a new password.

Your account has not been activated yet. To do so, please click on the activation link contained in the email you received after the sign-up process.


With DataWinners, you cannot reuse the same email address and phone number that has already been registered in another account. The system will not accept an email address that has previously been used for activation.

No. DataWinners uses SMS, Smartphone or Tablet and Web as data collection channels. For the SMS channel, a dedicated local number is linked to your account.

Account access may be shared by creating User accounts for people in your organization. It is possible to add an unlimited number of Users to the account. Users will have access to all content in your account.

Only Administrators can register new Users. To do so, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to “Your account” at the top of the page
  2. Then click on the blue tab “Users”
  3. Then “Add a User” on the right hand side
  4. Then fill out your information
  5. The newly registered user will receive a confirmation message via email.

Please watch our video tutorial to learn How to Register a User.

Once a person is registered as a User, he is automatically registered as a Data Sender. This is why you cannot register this person again as a Data Sender. If you check in the Contacts page, you can see that all of your Users are already there.

From the Contacts page, to link existing Data Senders to a Questionnaire, check the Data Sender’s check box and select “Add to Questionnaire” and you can select the Questionnaire(s) to which you want to link the Data Sender(s).

With DataWinners, you can register an unlimited number of users for the same price.

Add Users

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It is possible to subscribe with a single account for the organization and then create an unlimited number of Questionnaires within that single account for all of your various programs (health, education, etc.). Each User will have their own unique login (email address and password), and will have access to all of the organization’s Questionnaires within the account. Therefore, if you’d like to keep the program data completely separate, your organization may be interested in creating multiple accounts.

Account Users

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No. With DataWinners, you can register an unlimited number of users.

Yes. Your User can access specific Questionnaires depending on the roles and permissions you set for him.

Different roles are available in DataWinners:

  • Account Administrator: The creator and manager of the DataWinners account
  • Administrator: Can manage Users (Project Managers) and give/remove access to Questionnaires and polls
  • Project Manager: Can manage the Questionnaires and Polls they created. Can also be granted access to existing Questionnaires and Polls


It is not yet possible to edit User information. As an alternative we suggest you create a new User with the correct email address, and delete the old User.

To do so:

  1. Please click on the Account link next to Profile at the top of the page,
  2. Then click on the blue tab, “Users”
  3. Check the box next to the first name of the user and select “Delete” in the Actions drop down list,
  4. Then click on “Add a user” at the top right hand of the page, fill in all the information and then click on “Register”

Check in the Contacts page to see if the User is registered as a Contact. If that is the case, you will have to delete the Contact from this list to be able to register him as a User.

To do so, please check the check box near the person’s name and select “Delete” in the Actions dropdown list at the top of the page. When the Contact is successfully deleted, you can register him as a User.

Once a person is registered as a User, he’s automatically registered as a Contact.

No. “Read only”  access is not yet available within DataWinners.

With your DataWinners subscription, you can create an unlimited number of Questionnaires and collect an unlimited number of data.

DataWinners has a very good activity log allowing your to monitor all the activities performed within your account.

Activity Log

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Customer support is available for all type of accounts, via email and Skype.

DataWinners platform is available in English and in French. Partners can create their questionnaires in any language/script and customize their confirmation/error messages in any language/script (“Thank you, we received your data).


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Our model is one subscription per organization per country. However, for each subscription, the Data Admins can give read/write access to as many users as they like. So, the Water/Sanitation team can have their own login/password and so can the Child Protection team. Within one account, you can have an unlimited number of Questionnaires and can share the data with multiple Users. You can set different roles and permissions for each User.

With DataWinners, you can collect data using any combination of 3 channels, depending on the equipments you already have on hand: SMS, Web and Smartphone.

– Smartphone: you can download the DataWinners app on Playstore and use it to download, fill and send out your Questionnaires. Please watch our video to learn more.

– Web: you just need to give access to your Data Senders and they can access the form on-line when logged in.

– SMS: you share the printed Questionnaire with your Data Senders during trainings.

To avoid this error, follow the steps below:

  1. Clear your cache on your Smartphone
  2. If the problem persists, upgrade your Play Store to the latest version and try once again. The current version will be automatically replaced by the new one.

Information DataWinners collects from and about you is stored on DataWinners’ secure server space at Amazon Web Services in the United States.

Your database is password protected and we do not have access to your data.

The price depends on the type of account and the length of your subscription. Please visit our Pricing page for more information.

As per our Terms and Conditions, subscriptions for organizations are per country. For example: Organization X, that wants to use DataWinners in Madagascar and Mozambique must have two subscriptions.

You can have an unlimited number of respondents with DataWinners. The 1,000 outgoing messages count for:

  1. The automatic reply your respondents receive when sending in data,
  2. The automatic reminders you can set for your projects and,
  3. Ad hoc messages you send to field staff.

We’re hosting your number in our system so roaming is required so we could receive and deliver all your SMS into your DataWinners account. In fact, your Data Senders will send data to a local number but as our server isn’t located in your country, we need the roaming to be able to manage all the SMS traffic.

No other features/services with the network provider needs to be enabled. We just need a postpaid SIM, enabled for roaming.

  1. Reduce the number of ad-hoc SMS sent from the system and use it only when necessary (Using the Send a message feature). You can also filter your recipients using Contacts & Groups to send your SMS only to a Group instead of all Data Senders.
  2. Check in your Data page if you have many error Submissions. If yes, work with your Data Senders to help them submit data successfully, to avoid multiple error messages.

Our payments must be done in USD. You can wire the payment from your Iocal bank account to our Bank account in US. To proceed, you can just let the bank know how much in USD you want the beneficiary to receive.

Three types of account are available with DataWinners:

  1. Basic account: it’s free for one year and allows you to collect up to 1,000 Submissions, including 50 SMS Submissions.
  1. Pro SMS account: it allows you to collect data using any combination of SMS, Web and Android device (Smartphone, Tablet). The monthly subscription includes 1,000 outgoing SMS. Any SMS overage is billed $50 per 500 SMS.
  1. Pro account: it allows you to collect data using any combination of Web and Android device (Smartphone, Tablet).

A reduction is applied to monthly subscriptions depending on the length of the subscription: 1 month, 6 months or 12 months.