Register your Data Senders and give them permission to submit data. Learn how to import your Contacts in bulk. Customize your success and error messages.

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Contacts & Data Senders

A Data Sender is a person who sends in data. With DataWinners you can authorize people to send in data by first registering them as Data Senders. Then DataWinners will recognize the Data Senders by their telephone numbers or email addresses.

Register a Data Sender

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With DataWinners, you have two types of user: Users and Data Senders.

  • Data Senders : People who are submitting data for your Questionnaires. They can submit data, register a new Identification Number, and import a list of Submissions.
  • Users: They can do the same thing as the Data Manager apart from adding a new User (Create/Edit Questionnaire, Submit Data, View Data, Register an Identification Number, Register Data Sender, etc.). Once a person is registered as a User, he is automatically registered as a Data Sender.

Watch our youtube video to know more on How to add Users

There are three options for registering your Data Senders:

  • One-by-one using the web form
  • In bulk using “Import a list”
  • In the field using SMS

Please watch our video tutorial to learn How to Register Data Senders.

Data Senders

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Yes. Registration is required if you’re collecting data only from registered Data Senders. During registration you will be asked to include the telephone number that the Data Sender will use to send SMS. When registered Data Senders SMS in data, DataWinners will recognize the registered telephone number and accept the data. Any SMS from a non-registered number will be rejected and the Data Sender will receive an automatic error message.

For Web and Smartphone/Tablet channel, DataWinners will check the authorization by the email address of the Data Sender.

Each of your Data Senders must have their own login and password to use the Android application.

To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Register your Data Senders by registering an email address for each,
  2. Ask them to activate their account by clicking on the activation link in the email sent by DataWinners (they can create their own password)
  3. Set each device using this information (login and password).

You can include a GPS question in your Questionnaire.

Using our Android application, you can capture the coordinates of the place where your Data Sender is located while filling out the Questionnaire.

GPS Record Location

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To import your Contacts list, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Contacts page
  2. Click on Import Contacts
  3. Download the template: DataWinners_ImporterContacts
  4. Enter your Contacts information in the template and save
  5. Click on Upload a file and select the template you filled out
  6. A confirmation message will be displayed on the screen
Import Contacts to DataWinners

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To give a Data Sender access to DataWinners via Web and Smartphone:

  1. Check the checkbox corresponding to the Data Sender,
  2. Select “Give access to Web and Smartphone” in the Actions dropdown list,
  3. Enter the email address of the Data Sender.
  4. Click on “Give access”
All Data Senders

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No. As the creator of the questionnaires, you specify which of your Data Senders has permission to submit data for each questionnaire created.

Click on the Contacts button at the top right hand corner. You will see a list of all Registered Contacts. On the left hand side, you will see little check boxes next to each name. Click on one, and then go up to the “Actions” button on the top left hand side. Click on “Add to Questionnaire.” You will see a list all of your Questionnaires. You can then specify which Questionnaires your selected Contact or Data Sender will have permission to submit data for.

No. Once registered, a Data Sender is able to send in data for all current and future Questionnaires. You have to register a Data Sender only one time and just link him to a specific Questionnaire when needed. To do so please:

  1. Click on the “Contacts” button,
  2. Check the box next to the Contacts or data senders you want to link to your Questionnaire,
  3. Then choose Add to Questionnaire in the Actions dropdown list at the top of the page,
  4. Then select your Questionnaire(s) in the list of Questionnaires, and click on Confirm at the bottom of the page.
  1. Click on the Contacts button at the top right hand corner. You will see a list of all Registered Contacts.
  2. On the left hand side, you will see little check boxes next to each name. Click on one, and then go up to the “Actions” button on the top left hand side.
  3. Click on “Add to Questionnaire.” You will see a list all of your Questionnaires.
  4. You can then specify which Questionnaires your selected Contact or Data Sender will have permission to submit data for.

A detailed log is not available but you can check in the sent reminders page if your reminders have been sent.
You can check in the Dashboard page as well how many reminders have been sent. Only delivered reminders are displayed there

  1. Click on the blue tab “My data senders”
  2. Check the box next the data sender for whom you would like to edit info
  3. Select Edit in the Actions drop-down list
  4. Make your changes and click on Save changes

To edit your Data Sender’s phone number, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on “Contacts” at the top of the page
  2. In the search field, enter the phone number you want to edit or the name of your Data Sender
  3. Only this specific Data Sender will be listed. Check the checkbox related to this specific Data Sender
  4. Select edit in the Actions dropdown list
  5. Edit the phone number
  6. Click on “Save”

If you want to reassign the same phone numbers to new Data Senders, please delete the old Data Senders first and import your new list of Data Senders using the same phone numbers.

Step 1: Delete old Data Senders

  1. Click on the All Data Senders button at the top of the page
  2. Select all your Data Senders
  3. Select “Delete” in the Actions dropdown list above the table

Step 2: Import your new Data Senders list

  1. Click on the Questionnaire you want to work on
  2. Click on the Blue tab “My Data Senders”
  3. Click on the import link on your right
  4. Click on “Import template”
  5. Fill out and save the Excel file
  6. Go back to the DW application and click on the gold button “upload a file”

No. They need to set their own password.

When you register your Data Senders in your account, DataWinners sends them an email. They need to click on the activation link within 7 days and create their own password.

No. Exporting Data Senders list is not yet possible with DataWinners.

No. It is not possible.

You can register your Data Senders using dummy email addresses using for example, and activate and set password for your Data Senders instead of them doing it.

If you receive data from an unregistered Data Sender, only the phone number will appear.

However, if you register this data sender using the phone number he used to submit data previously, ALL the data he submitted, even before the registration, will be displayed under his name.

The maximum number of characters for a Data Sender ID is 12.

No. GPS coordinates are optional. If you want to enter GPS coordinates, you can use itouchmap to find the coordinates

No. Your Data Senders will only have access to the Web forms and the Identification Number registration forms of the specific Questionnaire(s) for which they are authorized to make submissions. They won’t have access to your account or the data itself.

Each Data Sender’s phone number must be registered correctly in your account before they can submit data.

The format must be as follows: country code + phone number (without the leading 0)

After hitting “Register” on the Web form, you should see a green confirmation message displayed on your screen. Then you see the blank form again. You’ll need to close the pop up window to get back to the Data Senders page and see your new Data Sender listed.

Please use the Excel template generated by DataWinners to import your Data Senders list.In the Excel template only the phone number is mandatory. For the Location and GPS Coordinates field, you should fill out at least one of them. If you would like to authorize the Data Sender to submit only with SMS, you may leave the email address field blank. In the Unique ID field, please enter a code unless you want DataWinners to generate it for you, in which case you may leave the field blank.The number of characters for the Data Sender’s name should not exceed 30.

Data Senders

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Please make sure that the format of the numbers cells is “text” in your Excel file template before importing the file. Otherwise, the numbers will be rounded.

You can check in the Contacts page. You can look at the last column to see to which Questionnaires each of them is linked to.

Please check the spellings.

Alternatively, use a smartphone with GPS to get an accurate GPS reading at the location itself.

Yes. You can choose to allow everyone with a simple phone to submit data for your Questionnaire. To do so, from the My Data Senders page

  1. Under the People Authorized to Submit Data Using SMS, click on “Change”
  2. Choose “Everyone”
  3. Click on “Save”
Data Senders

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No. For data security, Data Senders do not have access to submitted data after submission. Only the Account Administrator and the Project Manager can view and check the submissions.

No. Current data is not deleted even if you delete the corresponding Data Sender.

No. Editing your Data Sender location from the Data Senders or Contacts database don’t have any impact on your collected data.

There are two different confirmations. We put the content of the SMS in the reply when the reply plus the answers provided can fit in one SMS (160 chacacters). If the answers are too long for the SMS, we just say “Thank you. We received your SMS”. It depends on the length of your Questionnaires and the answers provided.

Each time a Data Sender submits data, DataWinners will evaluate the SMS and automatically send back a message. If the SMS contains any errors, DataWinners will return an error message specifying the mistake made. If the SMS contains no errors, then DataWinners will return a success message along with a summary of the submitted answers.

The Data Sender can then review the summary or re-submit in case of any inadvertent errors.

Languages Questionnaire

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  • It may be due to a network problem. Please ask them to re-submit.
  • Ask your Data Senders to check their SMS inbox to make sure that it’s not full.
  • Ask your Data Senders to check if they submitted their data to the right number.

In the current release of DataWinners, Success and Error messages can be sent in English, French, Malagasy and Portuguese. You can also add new language if needed by customizing the reply messages in the Language pages.

Choose the Success and error message language on the Automatic Reply SMS page, under the Messages & Reminders tab, by choosing the right language in the dropdown list.

Automatic Reply SMS

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Yes. You can customize the Reply SMS. Click on the Language button and customize your replies or add new languages if needed.

Languages Questionnaire

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No. DataWinners will identify each Data Sender by their registered phone number.

Yes. You can create a separate Questionnaire in DataWinners called “Message.”

Data Senders having difficulty for whatever reason can send in a text explaining the problem. The only restriction is the Data Senders using SMS can’t use spaces (because DW considers a space the separator between two questions). So a typical response looks like this:

Message (or whatever the issue might be). You can then contact them back for more details.

This is a network problem. Please ask your Data Senders to submit their data later.