Submission Feed & Send SMS with DataWinners API

Answers to technical questions about the DataWinners system, the API, technology stack, and integration with other technologies.

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The system is currently hosted with Amazon Web Services.

Your data is stored on secure servers at Amazon Web Services in the United States of America.

  • Internet Explorer 7 and newer versions
  • Firefox 3.0 and newer versions
  • Safari 5.1 and newer versions

DataWinners uses a flat database.

DataWinners uses a flat database. But, if you want to analyze your data via a relational database, you have two options:

  • The data you collect via DataWinners can be exported/extracted and sent to another application via our Submission feed. If you already have an application for data analysis, you can send the data collected through DataWinners to this application using our API. It’s free but it requires some programming on your side. This is done only one time and thereafter the data is exported there automatically, depending on your needs
  • We can develop a customized application for you. This is not included in the DataWinners subscription. Please let us know if you’re interested and we can prepare a quotation for you.

No. We don’t have a separate version for the private sector. Organizations in the private sector are using this same version of DataWinners.

No. DataWinners is an open source project. There is no special license needed to host DataWinners on your own servers. All the source codes can be at this URL

No. DataWinners is not HIPAA compliant.

If it is not a possibility to use DataWinners’ usual platform because of HIPAA regulations — then another option could be to download DataWinners onto your server there.

You can download DataWinners via this link:, and you would also need to download Mangrove:

You may want to check with telephone operators in the countries in which you will be working to see if they temporarily store SMS messages sent through their networks, in case that would be a concern for you.

Yes. If your Android phone connects over a GPRS network, then our App can download newly created forms and send back filled out questionnaires.

No. To ensure the security of your data, this is not feasible. You will have to register your users in your application one by one.

DataWinners uses Vumi, an open source messaging transport created by the Praekelt Foundation for core messaging services. Vumi can interface with any number of SMS gateway providers and Mobile Network Operators (MNOs). In Madagascar, DataWinners integrates directly with Airtel via SMPP (as supported by Vumi). We also have integrations with gateway providers in India and Clickatell in the US.

Yes. When you export your data to Excel, the latitute and longitude fields are displayed in separate columns. This should facilitate the exportation into Arc GIS

With DataWinners, you can export your data to Excel and from Excel, export it to SAS, SPSS, etc. Another way is to use our APIs.

The best way to test the data extraction webservices is to use curl command.

If you have curl installed, please use the following line in your command terminal:

curl –digest –u ‘yourdatawinnersloginemail:yourdatawinnersloginpassword’

Otherwise you can try putting the URL in a browser address. You need to provide username and password when prompted.

Your server could invoke the webservice by sending a request directly with the URL and providing the user credentials for digest authentication. Most programming platforms support sending digest-auth requests.

And your server should be able to get the response with data in its content.

The whole process is entirely automatic.

Data extraction within a specific time period:

DataWinners data extraction webservice API supports downloading data within a certain period. To do so, please include the start date and end date in.

You can use third-party software or you use your own software if preferred using feed API access.

DataWinners has an integrated feed API that helps the users to perform Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) operations on the data collected. DataWinners has also added an API for sending out SMS via the application. The feed access is secured using a HTTP Basic authentication. The user has to provide the username and password to access any of the Submissions in the account.

DataWinners streams the feed data. There is no maximum limit on the number of feed entries sent out of DataWinners. DataWinners will continue to stream data as long as there is valid data for the given query parameters, and will close the connection once the feed entry for the last Submission has been sent.

  • Submission Feed :{form_code}?start_date={date}&end_date={date}
    *form_code = Questionnaire code
  • Identification Number API:
    * UID = The Identification Number Type.

Data Sender API:

Protocol is TCP.

Port : 80 and 443.

With DataWinners, you can register as many users as needed and you can set roles and permissions for each of them. Each access is protected by a password.

  1. Open and enter your login and password. A page containing the URL of all your Questionnaires will be displayed
  2. From this page, right click and choose “View Page Source” to see the sources of all your Questionnaires as XML values
  3. Right click on the Questionnaire URL and open it in a new tab. The feed of your Questionnaire will be displayed.