Use Identification Numbers to collect data about unique people, places, things or events. Learn how to register your Identification Numbers. Create a Questionnaire with an Identification Number. Register Identification numbers one at a time, or by importing a list in bulk.

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Identification Numbers

An Identification Number is what your questionnaire is about; a specific person, place, thing or event on which Data Senders report.

In many cases, the Data Sender interacts with an Identification Number, then sends in an individual report about the interaction:

  • A doctor examines a baby. In this case, the Identification Number is the baby.
  • A supervisor measures the quality of care at a clinic. The Identification Number is the clinic
  • An engineer measures the flow rate of a water pump. The Identification Number is the water pump.
  • A sales person sells products to a retailer: The Identification Number is the retailer.
Identification Numbers

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An Identification Number Type is a general label. For example, you create the Identification Number Type “Clinic.” You could then register the following individual Identification Numbers:

  • North Clinic
  • South Clinic
  • East Clinic
  • West Clinic

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The first step is to create an Identification Number registration form for your Identification Numbers. Come up with a list of simple background questions you’d like to collect for each of your Identification Number types as part of the Identification Number profile. DataWinners provides a first draft of the Identification Number questionnaire. You can edit this to include any questions that would be useful for your Questionnaire.Once your Identification Number Registration Form is ready, you have three options to register your Identification Number profiles:

  1. One-by-one using the web form
  2. In bulk using “Import a list”
  3. In the field using SMS

Please note that it is not yet possible to register an Identification Number by Smartphone.Please watch our video tutorial to learn How to Register an Identification Number.


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You can link an Identification Number to a Questionnaire by choosing “Identification Number” as an answer type and then adding a new Identification Number Type or selecting an existing one.

Yes. It’s possible to register Identification Numbers using Smartphone.Fill out the Identification Number Type registration form using the DataWinners Android app exactly the same process as when you fill out a Questionnaire to submit data. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Download the blank Questionnaire onto your Smartphone by taping on the “Get Blank Questionnaire” menu
  2. Tap on “Fill Blank Questionnaire”. All Identification Numbers Type available will be listed as Questionnaires
  3. Fill out the selected Questionnaire by entering all the basic information about your Identification Number
  4. Once the Questionnaire is filled-out and saved, you can send it as a finalized Questionnaire.

Registering an Identification Number using SMS works exactly the same way as making an SMS Submission. But instead of submitting for a main Questionnaire, you use the Identification Number registration form. You can share this form with your Data Senders beforehand so they could register new Identification Numbers from the field, using SMS.

To find the SMS registration form, please follow the steps below:

  1.     Click on the blue tab “My (your ID number)”
  2.    Click on “(ID number) registration form”

Start with the Questionnaire code, then a space, then the answer to question 1, etc. Upon receipt of the Submission, DataWinners sends an automatic reply to your Data Sender with the ID asssigned to the ID number, allowing him to submit data related to this ID number.

No. If you want to make changes or add columns, please edit the Identification Number registration form instead of the Excel template, as this will generate an error. Once you’ve made all the changes, please download the template one more time.

During Questionnaire creation, select “Identification Number” from the answer type dropdown list. Then select an existing Identification Number type or add a new one.

No. Identification Number’s ID is not editable.

If you want to change it, please delete the Identification Number and register once again using the new ID.

Yes. You can delete an Identification Number type. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Click on the “Identification Numbers” button at the top of the page,
  2. Select the Identification Number type,
  3. Select “Delete” in the “Actions” dropdown list,

Please note that you cannot delete an Identification Number type if one Questionnaire is still linked to it. If this is the case, please remove the Identification Number type from Questionnaire or delete the Questionnaire first.

  1. When logged in, please click on the All Identification Numbers link in the upper hand side.
  2. From the All Identification Numbers page, click on the Identification Number type. All the Identification Numbers in this type will be displayed.
  3. If you want to delete only a few ones, you can select them by selecting the check box next to the Identification Number’s name and then select delete from the Actions dropdown list. If you want to delete them all, please check the check box in the first column (in the grey area). All the Identification Numbers will be selected. And then select “delete” from the Actions dropdown list.
  4. A confirmation message saying Identification Number(s) successfully deleted will be displayed.

When importing a list of Identification Numbers, the first step is to download the Excel template from DataWinners. This template has been generated to match the Identification Number type in question. All columns are mandatory when filling out the Excel file, apart from the Unique ID cell.Leave the Unique ID cell blank if you would like DataWinners to generate an Identification Number ID for you.

If the template contains a question related to GPS coordinates and you do not have this information when filling out the Excel file, you may enter 0.0,0.0 as a placeholder in the corresponding cell (with no spaces between the numbers).

When entering multiple-choice questions in the Excel file, it is necessary to enter the letter of the choice option instead of the value it represents. For example: with “a) Green” and “b) Yellow”, you would enter “a” for green and “b” for yellow.

If the unique IDs are already used you have to attribute new IDs to be able to import them. Please note that an ID can be used only one time. If you delete an Identification Number, his ID cannot be reused.

When an Identification Number is deleted, you can no longer use it or its unique ID.

When editing the Identification Number Registration Form, the second default question (Identification Number’s last name) should be kept for name and should not be reworded, as the value in this cell is the one displayed in the dropdown list along with the UID.

You cannot register using the deleted UID because some current data is data linked to them.

In order to register them using the old UID, proceed as follows:

  1. Unlinked the Identification Number Type from your Questionnaires by editing your Questionnaire,
  2. Delete the Identification Number Type from your Identification Numbers page,
  3. Recreate the Identification Number Type and customize the registration form,
  4. Import your ID Numbers using the old UID.

The Identification Number for whom you are trying to submit data is not registered in DataWinners yet. Identification Number must be registered before a data related to it can be submitted.

No. This is not yet available in DataWinners.

If we take the example of a health zone, which has many clinics, instead of having all the clinics from different zones displayed in the Identification Number dropdown list, you can create a Questionnaire per health zone.

This way, only the clinics related to this zone will be displayed in the dropdown list.