After this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Define and understand Identification Numbers
  • Implement and use Identification Numbers in your data collection projects

How to Register Identification Numbers

How to Create a Questionnaire With an Identification Number

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For detailed instructions see our User Guide (PDF) p.31

Let’s Practice!

In this exercise you’re collecting data about the beneficiaries of your Farmers Association.

  1. Download this Questionnaire (PDF) for Post Harvest Monitoring
  2. Log in to DataWinners
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  3. Create the Questionnaire
  4. Link the Questionnaire to the correct Identification Number Type
    • Determine what should be the Identification Number
    • Determine which questions should go in the Identification Number type database and which ones should be kept in the Questionnaire.
  5. Edit the Identification Number Type registration form
  6. Register Identification Numbers
    • Using the Web form, and also
    • Using the Import feature
  7. Test the Questionnaire

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