Congratulations! this is the last in our Get Started course. If you have finished the previous lessons, you are now a master of the basics. But DataWinners can do more.

Let’s explore Advanced Questionnaires.

After this lesson, you’ll be able to:

  • Build an advanced Questionnaire
  • Collect Data using advanced Questionnaires

How to Create an Advanced Questionnaire

How to Collect Media Files

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Let’s Practice!

  1. Using XLSForm, create this Questionnaire in your DataWinners account (Farmers Training Program Questionnaire)
  2. Start with the household details sample form.
  3. Use the cascading feature for Village/Ward/District
  4. Make Submissions to the Questionnaire you’ve created:
    • via Web
    • via Smartphone/Tablet
  5. Check your data in the Data Analysis pages

Did it Work?

Yes: Congratulations. You are now a Creator of Advanced Questionnaires!
No: Contact Customer Support >>