Design Advance Questionnaires in DataWinners using an XLSForm. You begin with an Excel worksheet. Use the easy-to-learn syntax to create the questions, features, and behaviors of your Questionnaire. DataWinners creates the Advanced Questionnaire for you when you upload the worksheet.

From an Excel Worksheet

Design your Questionnaire

Advanced Questionnaire - Excel Spreadsheet

To a Sophisticated Questionnaire

DataWinners creates a web or smartphone form


You can create any of the question types available in a basic questionnaire, plus these:

  • Use skip logic to skip a question or display an additional question based on a response to a previous question
  • Repeating questions or groups of questions
  • Allow a user to specify “Other” in a multiple choice question
  • Provide the user with hints (such as help text) to assist with question responses
  • Allow users to choose the language of the questions in the Questionnaire
  • Integer input (no decimals permitted)
  • Display a note on the screen (no input)
  • Take a picture or upload an image
  • Capture a signature signed with a fingertip or stylus
  • Record audio or upload an audio file
  • Take a video or upload a video file
  • Scan a barcode
  • Perform a calculation
  • Collect metadata about the mobile device, subscriber, time and date the Questionnaire began and ended.

Watch our XLSForm Tutorial Video and see how easy it is to create Advanced Questionnaires

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XLSForm converts your design to an XForm, an open form standard compatible with Open Data Kit (ODK), the open source platform on which The DataWinners App is based.

Here are some of the question types supported by the XLSForm standard : decimal, text, select_one [options], select_multiple [options], note, geopoint, geotrace, geoshape, date, time, dateTime, image, audio, video, barcode, calculate, metadata start (Start date and time of the survey), end (End date and time of the survey), today (Day of the survey), deviceid (IMEI International Mobile Equipment Identity), subscriberid (IMSI – International Mobile Subscriber Identity), simserial (SIM serial number), phonenumber (Phone number, if available)