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What is DataWinners?

DataWinners is the first completely integrated, mobile data collection service. DataWinners enables you to collect data via SMS anywhere, with any phone. And because your DataWinners’ subscription includes bulk pre-paid SMS, we eliminate time-consuming negotiations with telephone carriers and SMS Gateways.

How does it work?

When you sign up for a DataWinners’ subscription, you receive:

  1. Access to the DataWinners website
  2. A local telephone number in your project country, and
  3. A bulk SMS package.

From the DataWinners website you:

  1. Design and build data collection questionnaires (forms) for your project
  2. Create training materials that teach your staff how to format SMS responses to your questionnaires
  3. Register data senders and subjects
  4. Create automatic reminders that send SMS messages reminding staff to send in data

In the field:

Your staff collect answers to your questionnaires and SMS the answers to the local number provided by DataWinners. The service works with any phone that can send SMS

Back at DataWinners:

You have access to view, analyze and download your data in real time. You can share your data by setting account and user permissions, enabling others in your organization to have immediate access to critical project information.

What can you do with DataWinners?

Anything. Examples of some DataWinners deployments include:

  • Stock monitoring (medication, mosquito nets)
  • Monthly activity summaries (patients seen at a health center)
  • Client satisfaction surveys
  • Sales Receipt collections
  • Water-point monitoring

What makes DataWinners different?

DataWinners allows you to collect data in the most challenging environments where paper based systems are costly and often fail.

Unlike mobile data collection toolkits that require configuration and software expertise, you can use DataWinners with no IT experience.

DataWinners has taken on the hardest part of SMS data collection – negotiation with telecoms. Your DataWinners subscription covers the costs of SMS data collection including a local phone number and pre-paid SMS.

Where can I use DataWinners?

Anywhere a mobile phone can send SMS. For a complete list of countries and our rollout plan see our pricing page here. You can access your DataWinners account from a web browser anywhere

Can I try DataWinners without subscribing?

Yes. DataWinners offers a free one-year DataWinners Basic Account that allows you to experiment with the full features of DataWinners. You can build online questionnaires and projects, collect up to 1,000 Web Submissions and even test out SMS data submissions with 50 complimentary SMS! Click here for more information.

What languages does DataWinners support?

The DataWinners website is currently available in English and French. Choose your language on the top, right hand corner of any page. However, you can build your questionnaire in any language and users can also specify the language of automatic Success and Error messages sent back to Data Senders.

Is this open-source? Who is the code base available to?

An international partnership of private sector companies, academic institutions and non-governmental organizations are working collaboratively to create and manage as an open-source project. Human Network International (HNI) and ThoughtWorks, Inc. lead the effort to make this mobile data collection service responsive to the needs of development organizations worldwide.

DataWinners hosted service is one of the first applications built using the Mangrove data collection framework, itself an open source project that develops core tools for mobile data collection, aggregation, analysis, and visualization targeting SMS, Web, J2ME and Android via XForms. The Mangrove initiative is collaboration of ThoughtWorks, Inc, the Modi Research Lab at Columbia University and HNI.

The goal of these open-sourced projects is to create a global community, working together to make mobile data collection better. The entire code base for DataWinners and Mangrove is available for download here. We encourage partners to contribute code and ideas so DataWinners and Mangrove continue to innovate.

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