Until now, it has not been possible for Administrators to edit and tweak questions in a live Advanced Questionnaire created with XLSForm.

Easier than Excel

Make changes without losing your collected data

Advanced Questionnaire Editor for XLSForm

Refine your Questionnaires

Change the appearance, order, and attributes of questions

Advanced Questionnaire Editor for XLSForm

The XLSForm standard lets you create forms with advanced features such as skip logic, form calculations, and validation constraints. This standard is used by DataWinners and other popular data collection platforms.

We are beta testing our Advanced Questionnaire Editor for XLSForm, and can enable it on any DataWinners account.

The interface is available in English. French is coming soon.

  • Change whether a question is required or not
  • Change field labels
  • Add Autocomplete to your existing Questionnaires
  • Edit choices lists
  • Change or add hint text
  • Modify Skip Logic
  • Add or modify constraints (validation)
  • Delete questions
  • Reorder questions
  • Save your modifications as a draft before committing the changes to the live questionnaire.
  • Download the Excel file and use as a template for similar questionnaires

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