DataWinners or DHIS2? Both!

We have developed an integration that sends data collected with DataWinners directly and accurately to DHIS2.


DIY and Supported Implementation



Reporting and Compliance Power


DHIS2 is used in more than 40 countries around the world to report data directly to government ministries in real time. More than half these implementations are in Africa. Like DataWinners, DHIS2 is an open source system that helps organizations collect, manage, and analyze data.

Each system has its relative strengths:

Benefits of DataWinners:

  • Easy Questionnaire Creation
  • Field staff can easily experiment and innovate with data collection — independent of DHIS2 — with the option of porting the data to DHIS2 later
  • SMS Service and Gateway setup
  • User-friendly skip logic creation
  • Repeating questions or groups of questions
  • Allow a user to specify “Other” in a multiple choice question
  • Provide the user with “help text” hints
  • Allow users to choose the language of the questions in the Questionnaire
  • One-step capture for photos, signatures, audio, and video with a smartphone.
  • Scan a barcode with the smartphone app
  • User-friendly creation of calculations in smartphone and Web Questionnaires.
  • Collect metadata about the mobile device, subscriber, time and date the Questionnaire began and ended.
  • 24/7 Support with Questionnaire Creation and other technical or training issues

Benefits of DHIS2:

  • Advanced data analysis options
  • Advanced data visualizations
  • Compliance with funders and ministries, where required
  • Ability to collect data offline from Java phones (as well as smartphones and SMS)
  • Aggregated analysis from multiple field offices, such as branches in different countries

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