The ease of use of a smartphone Questionnaire; the advantages of submitting the data by SMS.

That’s our Smartphone to SMS Android application.

Data (WAP) Connection

Expensive, Weak, or Not Available

One Bar Signal Strength

Send by SMS

Reliable and Validated on the Device

Smartphone to SMS

For Basic Questionnaires that can be completed in 160 or fewer characters, the Smartphone to SMS app can:

  • Submit when the signal strength is too weak to use a data (WAP) network
  • Submit from smartphones that do not have data plans
  • Reduce errors and multiple submission attempts from SMS Questionnaires — because the form is validated right on the device

The Data Senders (enumerators) can decide whether to submit by SMS, mobile data, or wifi based on local network availability.

Connecting to a mobile data network consumes the device’s battery more quickly. Submitting by SMS can also extend the battery run time of phones or tablets in the field.

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