Administering Effective Data Collection
Part 3: Ensuring Data Sender Compliance

In the previous tip, we assisted you in facilitating a successful Data Senders training. Now let’s make sure that your Data Senders are able to comply.

This checklist will help you to support your Data Senders and improve your response rate.

Ongoing — Checklist for Each Reporting Period

Following Each Submission Deadline:

  1. Check the list of the Data Senders who did not submit their data on time during the reporting period i.e of each month.
  2. Send ad hoc messages to all the Data Senders who didn’t submit their report and/or call them if possible.
  3. Inform the managers and the decision-makers of your organization about the reporting rate and the completion rate of the data received.
  4. Inform DataWinners Support immediately if the system isn’t working correctly.

Download our Data Submission Compliance Checklist for Data Managers:

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