Evaluating Farming for Food Security with Peace Corps/Senegal

Peace Corps used DataWinners to evaluate and support volunteers working to improve food security for farmers and their families in Senegalese communities.

The Peace Corps’ Knowledge and Learning Unit (KLU) developed methodologies and DataWinners Questionnaires  to collect quantitative and qualitative data on the “Master Farmer Program” implemented by Peace Corps Volunteers in Senegal.

The Master Farmer Program in Senegal is supported through a partnership with USAID to support Feed the Future, a global hunger and food security initiative of the U.S. Government.

The evaluation team conducted 237 structured interviews with Master Farmers, Peace Corps Volunteers, Key Informants, and Program Participants:

This evaluation was conducted using sound social science principles, including mixed methodology, randomized selection of the Program Participants, and standardization across interviews through use of survey instruments, which minimized bias and potential conflict of interest issues.

DataWinners enabled Peace Corps to produce data-driven conclusions and recommendations to strengthen and improve the Master Farmer Program.

Read the USAID-Peace Corps Report (PDF) >>