Administering Effective Data Collection
Part 2: Facilitating a Successful Data Senders Training

Make sure that your Data Senders training goes as smoothly as possible.

In the previous tip, we helped you to prepare in the days leading up to the event. Now it’s training day. Here’s what to do before, during, and immediately after your Data Senders training.

Training Day

  1. Ensure that the DataWinners Service is Working
    • Send a test message.
    • Make a submission.

    If the Service is not working, contact DataWinners support immediately.

  2. Send your Trainees an SMS via DataWinners
    Make sure that all the participants are registered in the system and have the right phone with them. Add or update any Data Sender records as needed.
  3. Monitor the Progress
    Keep in touch with the field trainers to make sure the training is going as planned, and make adjustments as needed.
  4. Emphasize the Advantages
    Make sure that the trainers inform participants about the advantages of the new data collection system:

    • Time saved submitting reports.
    • Faster visibility of quality work.
    • Better program support and decisions from headquarters.
    • Incentives for submissions (if applicable).
  5. Hands-On Exercises
    Ensure that trainees practice data submissions during the training. Practice submissions for each channel that will be used to collect data (SMS, Web, Smartphone).
  6. Assign Homework
    Encourage or require that the trainees continue to practice submitting data to the test Questionnaires. Check and confirm that they do.

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