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  • If we accidentally delete an entry, can we re-enter it?

    Yes. Deleted entries are still present in the Deleted Submissions page. You cannot have them back in your Submissions log but you can re-enter them: Re-make the submission using the Web form. You can even select the Data Sender name. If you have a very big Questionnaire, it would take time to enter manually. In […]

  • Is it possible to clear all the error submissions?

    Yes. From the Submission Log page, follow these steps: Click on the Errors Tab, Select the Submissions you want to delete, Select “Delete” from the Actions dropdown menu.

  • Can I delete or edit duplicate Submissions?

    Yes. To edit a Submission, please follow the steps below: Select the Submission you wish to edit by clicking on the corresponding checkbox in the left-most column, Select “Edit” from the Actions dropdown menu, Make all necessary changes and click “Save changes.”

  • How can I identify possible duplicate Submissions?

    To review possible duplicate Submissions, please follow the steps below: Choose the period using “Submission Date” filter Choose what case of duplicate Submissions you are looking for – use the drop down “Show Duplicates For”: Submissions with the exact same answers for each question Submissions with the exact same Identification Number Submissions made by the […]

  • What are the benefits of detecting duplicated Submissions?

    Removing or editing duplicated Submissions will help you to clean up and improve the quality of the collected data.

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