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  • XLSForm: When and How to Use “autocomplete” for my lists

    This widget helps the Data Sender find an Identification Number or choice faster through a long list. In your Identification Number or select_one row, enter “autocomplete” in the “appearance” column.

  • XLSForm: What is “autocomplete”

    “Autocomplete” is a widget used in XLSforms. It helps you find the Identification Number or the choice you need without a lot of scrolling. When the Data Sender starts typing the code or the name of a choice represented by an Identification Number or select_one question type, the options that contain those contiguous letters or […]

  • XLSForm: When and How to Use External Selects

    If you have a Questionnaire with a cascades list containing hundreds or thousands of choices, it slows down the loading process and has impact on your device’s performance. The External Selects function helps these lists load more quickly. It works the same way as cascades sheet but with an enhanced performance. To use External Selects: […]

  • Can I delete or edit duplicate Submissions?

    Yes. To edit a Submission, please follow the steps below: Select the Submission you wish to edit by clicking on the corresponding checkbox in the left-most column, Select “Edit” from the Actions dropdown menu, Make all necessary changes and click “Save changes.”

  • How can I identify possible duplicate Submissions?

    To review possible duplicate Submissions, please follow the steps below: Choose the period using “Submission Date” filter Choose what case of duplicate Submissions you are looking for – use the drop down “Show Duplicates For”: Submissions with the exact same answers for each question Submissions with the exact same Identification Number Submissions made by the […]

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