Identification Numbers

  • I cannot register my ID Numbers using a deleted UID

    You cannot register using the deleted UID because some current data is data linked to them. In order to register them using the old UID, proceed as follows: Unlinked the Identification Number Type from your Questionnaires by editing your Questionnaire, Delete the Identification Number Type from your Identification Numbers page, Recreate the Identification Number Type […]

  • What is the difference between an Identification Number Type and an Individual identification Number?

    An Identification Number Type is a general label. For example, you create the Identification Number Type “Clinic.” You could then register the following individual Identification Numbers: North Clinic South Clinic East Clinic West Clinic

  • How to link an Identification Number to a Questionnaire.

    You can link an Identification Number to a Questionnaire by choosing “Identification Number” as an answer type and then adding a new Identification Number Type or selecting an existing one.

  • How to register Identification Number via SMS

    Registering an Identification Number using SMS works exactly the same way as making an SMS Submission. But instead of submitting for a main Questionnaire, you use the Identification Number registration form. You can share this form with your Data Senders beforehand so they could register new Identification Numbers from the field, using SMS. To find […]

  • Can I add columns to the Identification Number importation template file?

    No. If you want to make changes or add columns, please edit the Identification Number registration form instead of the Excel template, as this will generate an error. Once you’ve made all the changes, please download the template one more time.

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