For the Techies

  • How to generate the feed for all Questionnaires and for all the questions in the Questionnaires.

    Open and enter your login and password. A page containing the URL of all your Questionnaires will be displayed From this page, right click and choose “View Page Source” to see the sources of all your Questionnaires as XML values Right click on the Questionnaire URL and open it in a new tab. The […]

  • Can we use LDAP authentication and custom the app to use privileges by role?

    With DataWinners, you can register as many users as needed and you can set roles and permissions for each of them. Each access is protected by a password.

  • What port number does the app use?

    Protocol is TCP. Port : 80 and 443.

  • Links for Submission Feed and API

    Submission Feed :{form_code}?start_date={date}&end_date={date} *form_code = Questionnaire code Identification Number API: * UID = The Identification Number Type. Data Sender API:

  • Relational vs. flat database

    DataWinners uses a flat database. But, if you want to analyze your data via a relational database, you have two options: The data you collect via DataWinners can be exported/extracted and sent to another application via our Submission feed. If you already have an application for data analysis, you can send the data collected through […]

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