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  • Relational vs. flat database

    DataWinners uses a flat database. But, if you want to analyze your data via a relational database, you have two options: The data you collect via DataWinners can be exported/extracted and sent to another application via our Submission feed. If you already have an application for data analysis, you can send the data collected through […]

  • What kind of database is used by DataWinners?

    DataWinners uses a flat database.

  • Is DataWinners HIPAA compliant?

    No. DataWinners is not HIPAA compliant. If it is not a possibility to use DataWinners’ usual platform because of HIPAA regulations — then another option could be to download DataWinners onto your server there. You can download DataWinners via this link:, and you would also need to download Mangrove: You may want to […]

  • Can collected data be exported to SAS, SPSS or CS Pro statistical software formats?

    With DataWinners, you can export your data to Excel and from Excel, export it to SAS, SPSS, etc. Another way is to use our APIs.

  • Can you deploy DataWinners under special licensing on other servers?

    No. DataWinners is an open source project. There is no special license needed to host DataWinners on your own servers. All the source codes can be at this URL

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