Text Message - SMS

To test your Questionnaire using your DataWinners account, please use the “Test SMS Questionnaire” link at the top of the page. This emulator allows you to simulate a real SMS submission.

Please watch our video tutorial to learn How to Test Your Questionnaire.

A phone number is automatically linked to Basic accounts +447860034166. You can find it in:

  1. The SMS Tester: please go to Section B. Please watch our youtube video to learn how to test your SMS Questionnaire.
  2. The SMS preview (from the Questionnaire Builder, on the top right hand side): Please go to Section B.
  3. In the overview page of each of your Questionnaire

Please note that, the Data Sender must be registered in your account beforehand to be able to send in data for a specific Questionnaire.

With a Basic account, you can make up to 1,000 Submissions, including 50 SMS Submissions.

Please watch our video tutorial to learn How to Test Your Questionnaire.

Test Questionnaire

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To submit data on a basic phone, you type your SMS following the example shown on the SMS preview of your Questionnaire. You can access it in the Questionnaire builder page, click on the SMS preview in the upper hand side.

Please start with the Questionnaire code, then type your SMS as follows: answer to Question 1 [space], answer to Question 2 [space] answer to Question 3, etc.

Example: chi1 answer1 answer 2…

Submit Data from a simple cell phone

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Any SMS-enabled phone can send data.

Yes. For Basic accounts, we provide an International number +447860034166. We do this because our service is available worldwide, and we simply cannot supply a local number for each country. However, for Pro SMS accounts, we link a local number to our client’s account, in an effort to keep communications costs as low as possible.

To allow us to link a local number to your account, you just have to get a postpaid SIM, enabled for roaming. Once you get the SIM, we’ll do some testing and link the number to your account.

Yes. This is possible. We work with our clients in each country to link a local number to their account. The client’s job is to obtain a postpaid local SIM that has been enabled for roaming. Once you have the SIM, we virtually host and link it to your account.

If you can obtain what’s called a “reverse billed” or “toll free” number from the local telephone company, we can link that number to your account. Then your Data Senders will not have to pay for SMS submissions.

That means that you have a quota of 1,000 SMS in your DataWinners Subscription, including automatic reply SMS, reminders, API and SMS sent via send a message. If you go beyond the 1,000 SMS per month, you can buy 500 more for $50.

To find out more, please click on this link regarding our pricing.

DataWinners SMS service includes the following functions: SMS collection; Customizable Reply SMS upon receipt of SMS submission; Reminders; Send a message, allowing you to send grouped SMS to you Data Senders or to a group of recipients and one-question polls (“Did you receive the textbook shipment? Please respond with YES or NO”).


With DataWinners, you can collect data using any of the following channels: SMS, Smartphone/Tablet (we have our own DataWinners App in the Google Play Store) and via a Webform.

For the SMS channel, the Data Admins create the Questionnaire online. DataWinners then produces a pdf version of the Questionnaire. The Data Admins print out this pdf, then use it to train their field staff/employees. Field staff then use their own simple mobile phones to SMS in their answers (no Internet required).

With DataWinners Android app, offline data collection is possible. Users need connection only when downloading the blank Questionnaires and when submitting filled out Questionnaires.

For SMS collection, we link a local phone number to your account, via a virtual hosting. We can link either a normal SIM or a toll free number depending on the services available in the country.

No. Only Smartphone and Web channels work for advanced Questionnaires’ submissions.