Does DataWinners have some other way of sending different kinds of automated reminder due dates for the same Questionnaire?

You can only set one due date in a DataWinners Questionnaire so this is not possible.

  1. You can create a Questionnaire for each deadline just for reminders and sending SMS to a group. For example, one Questionnaire for weekly deadline, another one for monthly deadline, another one for semi-annual and a fourth one for annual deadline. Let’s call these “group Questionnaires”, with just a dummy question in each Questionnaire. Your Data Senders will be submitting data to the first real Questionnaire. This way you will be able to have all your data in one Questionnaire.
  2. Link all the Data Senders related to each group to the appropriate Questionnaire (Example: link all the Data Senders for whom deadline is weekly to the weekly Questionnaire, etc.).
  3. Set reminders in the weekly and monthly group Questionnaire. When you set the reminders, check only the “x days before the deadline” and “the day of the deadline” to avoid people from receiving reminders even if they’ve already submitted their data.
  4. For quarterly and semi-annual deadlines, as DW don’t have these options in the deadline dropdown list, you can send the reminders manually via “Send a message”. You can just choose “Data Senders linked to this Questionnaire” and the message will be sent only to the specific group.

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