How do we re-assign the same phone numbers/existing number to new data senders?

If you want to reassign the same phone numbers to new Data Senders, please delete the old Data Senders first and import your new list of Data Senders using the same phone numbers.

Step 1: Delete old Data Senders

  1. Click on the All Data Senders button at the top of the page
  2. Select all your Data Senders
  3. Select “Delete” in the Actions dropdown list above the table

Step 2: Import your new Data Senders list

  1. Click on the Questionnaire you want to work on
  2. Click on the Blue tab “My Data Senders”
  3. Click on the import link on your right
  4. Click on “Import template”
  5. Fill out and save the Excel file
  6. Go back to the DW application and click on the gold button “upload a file”

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