How Does it Work?

When you sign up for a DataWinners’ Pro account you receive:

  1. 1) access to the DataWinners application and;
  2. 2) a bulk SMS package (if you choose Pro SMS Account)

From the DataWinners website, you:

  1. Design and build data collection questionnaires (forms)
  2. Register Data Senders and Identification Numbers
  3. Create automatic reminders that send SMS messages reminding staff to send in data

In the field:
Your staff collects answers to your questionnaires and submit the answers using SMS, Web or Smartphone, depending on your choice. The service works with any phone that can send SMS.

Back at DataWinners:
You have access to view, analyze and download your data in real time. You can share your data by setting account and user permissions, enabling others in your organization to have immediate access to critical Questionnaire information.
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