How Much Does DataWinners Subscription cost?

See our Pricing Page here.

Is the subscription fee per device, per user, or per Questionnaire?

The subscription fee is per organization, per country. Organizations can collect an unlimited amount of data for one low monthly fee. There is no limit to the number of Users, Questionnaires, Data Senders and Submissions.

The 1,000 outgoing SMS per month – is this per device, user, or Questionnaire?

The 1,000 outgoing SMS per month is per subscription. So these messages can be applied across any Questionnaire/device/user during the month.

Do you pay for service provider SMS costs on top of that?

We work with our clients to link a local number to each DataWinners account. The client obtains a local SIM card, which we then “link” to their DataWinners account. The client is responsible for the local SIM card (we recommend obtaining a post-paid SIM) and each Data Sender’s SMS fees.

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