I cannot import a list of Identification Numbers. What did I do wrong?

When importing a list of Identification Numbers, the first step is to download the Excel template from DataWinners. This template has been generated to match the Identification Number type in question. All columns are mandatory when filling out the Excel file, apart from the Unique ID cell.Leave the Unique ID cell blank if you would like DataWinners to generate an Identification Number ID for you.

If the template contains a question related to GPS coordinates and you do not have this information when filling out the Excel file, you may enter 0.0,0.0 as a placeholder in the corresponding cell (with no spaces between the numbers).

When entering multiple-choice questions in the Excel file, it is necessary to enter the letter of the choice option instead of the value it represents. For example: with “a) Green” and “b) Yellow”, you would enter “a” for green and “b” for yellow.

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