I get ‘’org.javarosa.xform.parseXformParseException:XML Syntax error at Line: 1237’’

If you get this message on your Smartphone when you want to fill out your Questionnaire, this means that you have encountered errors previously and these errors appear again when you want to fill out Questionnaires. To avoid these displayed errors, you should clean up the data registered on your Smartphone. To do so, please follow the steps below:

Step 1: Click on the “Menu” button on your Smartphone through the main screen
Step 2: Click on “My files” icon
Step 3: Choose “odk”
Step 4: We have 3 files “forms”, “instances” and “metadata” and choose “forms” first
Step 5: Delete all contents of “forms” “instances” and “metadata”
Step 6: Through the menu with your Smartphone, click on “Settings”
Step 7: Choose “Applications” and “Manage Applications”
Step 8: Then choose “DataWinners”
Step 9: Finally, click on “clear data”

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