What would the cost be for your basic service with 200 recipients sending/receiving up to 5 messages per day?

To benefit from the SMS feature, a Pro SMS account is recommended. Monthly Pro SMS subscription is $299/month for an annual plan. It allows you to collect an unlimited number of submissions and includes 1,000 outgoing SMS, related to reply SMS, reminders and bulk SMS.

In your  scenario, 200 recipients sending/receiving 5 messages per day = 1,000 SMS per day X 30 days in a month = 30,000 messages.Assume half of these messages are sent by the recipients (inbound) and half sent by DataWinners (outbound).

Cost would be:

  • $299/month for the subscription
  • 15,000 inbound messages (SMS costs paid by each sender. Assume $0.05/SMS = $750). Also possible to organize a toll-free number so recipients don’t have to pay when sending in their data. Costs vary by country.
  • 15,000 outbound messages (first 1,000 are free, then cost is by bundle of 500 messages for $50. So $1,400)

Total: $299 + $750 + $1,400 = $2,449.

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