XLSForm: When and How to Use External Selects

If you have a Questionnaire with a cascades list containing hundreds or thousands of choices, it slows down the loading process and has impact on your device’s performance. The External Selects function helps these lists load more quickly. It works the same way as cascades sheet but with an enhanced performance.

To use External Selects:

  1. For the first level, use select_one for the prompt type and list your “States” in the choices sheet as usual (Example: State),
  2. For each lower level:
    • In the survey sheet, use select_one_external for the prompt type (Examples: select_one_external counties, select_one_external cities),
    • Enter the reference to the cascade level in the choice_filter column (Examples: state=${state}, state=${state} and county=${county}),
    • In the external_choices sheet, enter your choices as shown below. A column is required for each level (Examples: state, city)

Download this external select form template for a sample scenario.

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