Administering Effective Data Collection
Part 1: Preparing for a Successful Data Senders Training

Your organization’s data collection projects depend on Data Collectors being trained, prepared, and supported by Data Administrators. A well-planned Data Sender training will help your organization collect quality data, and improve compliance. Data Administrators will spend more time monitoring and evaluating data, and less time correcting errors and spot training.

DataWinners facilitates many Data Sender training sessions. In some cases the facilitator is on-site with the trainee, in other sessions the trainees are remote and participating from or near their actual work areas. These tips reflect both of these scenarios.

Before the Training

  1. Establish the training date(s) 
    Give your Data Senders sufficient notice of the date and time of the training. Tell them where need to be, what materials they will need in order to be prepared.
  2. Know your Trainees
    Gather all the necessary information about your trainees to ensure that data submissions run smoothly during the training. Most importantly, obtain the information that will need to be in their DataWinners Contact information: their mobile phone numbers, locations, and e-mail addresses.
  3. Verify Cellular Network Coverage
    Ask the trainees about the cellular network coverage in each area. Make sure that during scheduled time the trainees will be in an area with reliable cellular service provided by the relevant cellular network(s).
  4. Acquire SIM Cards
    If you will be providing SIM cards to your trainees, determine the number of SIM cards you need to acquire, per network, per training dates, and per trainee area.
  5. Check and Distribute SIM Cards
    Test each SIM card before sending them out to the trainees in the field.
  6. Register/Update your Data Senders
    Register the Contact information for all your organization’s Data Senders in DataWinners. Also add any Contacts you will need for the training exercises.
  7. Validate your Trainees/Data Senders
    Double check that your Data Senders’ information is correctly entered and saved in DataWinners.
  8. Ensure that DataWinners will be Available (Optional)
    Contact DataWinners support to ensure that there will not be a planned service upgrade occurring when you have scheduled your training. We will accommodate your schedule if possible.

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