Quality Data, Quality Care, Quality Decisions

A health worker who spends less time on paperwork can spend more time on direct service to clients.

Philbertine Raveloarisoa is a Marie Stopes Lady; a grassroots health provider who helps her clients make informed family planning decisions. She is one of 145 Marie Stopes Ladies in Madagascar who help more than 45,000 women per year. Using DataWinners to report on each appointment, Philbertine reinvests the saved time into the work that matters most.

Smartphones and smart ladies: informed decision making in Madagascar

Screen Shot: MarieStopes.org

At the headquarters of Marie Stopes Madagascar, program managers support DataWinners in order to make informed decisions of their own.

The data that’s collected helps our program managers in Madagascar to measure, learn and make operational decisions based on accurate and timely information. This improves the quality of services offered to thousands of clients in Madagascar.

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