About the Project

Marie Stopes Madagascar (MSM) has partnered with more than 100 private doctors and clinics throughout Madagascar, collectively known as the BlueStar Network, to provide family planning and reproductive healthcare for low-income women and couples.

The Challenge

In the past, MSM collected data from each of the 100+ doctors using a paper-based system. However, MSM found this method error-prone, expensive and unreliable.
Data arrived at headquarters sporadically, making trend analysis impossible. Overall, MSM received less than half of all required reports. To expand the network and collect data from even more remote rural areas, MSM needed a new tool.

Action Taken

MSM hired HNI to build its own internal capacity to collect data electronically.
Together with HNI, MSM staff chose a list of important monthly indicators (e.g. client contraceptive choice by method). HNI built and installed the new application. Right away, MSM began collecting valuable data from the doctors.

The Result

Now, more than 95% of all doctors send in their monthly reports via SMS by the specified deadline, compared with less than half prior to HNI’s intervention.

“We needed timely, accurate and complete data on a monthly basis from our doctors.
Once we had a solid baseline over several months for each doctor, we started analyzing which of our marketing efforts directly led to spikes in clients seen.
Thanks to HNI, we now have a much better idea where to spend our limited resources.” – Miles Kemplay, Country Director of MSM.

MSM management noted 2 additional advantages to SMS-based data collection.

  1. Doctors report motivational benefits from the confirmation messages they receive in response to submitted data.
  2. Regular reporting via mobile phones has helped network members grow accustomed to using technology as a part of their professional lives.

M. Kemplay

We have many ideas regarding how to use technology in our work… stay tuned!

Miles Kemplay, Country Director of MSM